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"If you're losing your soul and you know it,

then you've still got a soul left to lose." 

- Charles Bukowski -





Sometimes I think that life is too short for all the lives I have dreamed of living. 

My name is Jaune Kimmel. I'm from Estonia - a small country in Northern Europe that is about 50% forest. Most of us are pagans, but some of us believe in nature more than in government. 

Right now I live and work in Rakvere.  It is the town with the smallest population in Europe that has a professional theatre. You can see my works in Rakvere Theatre by  clicking here.  


For more information download my CV.

H O B B I E S​  

I am a pure example of not staying still in life. I need to feel and experiment something different every time.


I am keen on music - I like to listen to it, create it, feel it (exactly - feel it). I went to music school and studied accordion, piano, drums and a recorder. I have an eclectic taste in music, starting with Chopin and ending with Rammstein. 


I also love my kind of dancing. I have never learned dancing and that's why I feel like I enjoy it more than professional dancers. I have been practising pole dancing for about two years now and I must say, it's awfully hard and that is the reason that keeps me going. I don't see the beauty in it - not yet, but I love the effort it gives to my body and mind. 


Yes, it's a hobby for me. 

We're not true anymore. Instead of being yourself we want to be liked and amazed. I can't stand this kind of thinking at all. All the things you do in life, you should do from the heart. Feelings can create some dangerously amazing emotions that can lead to chaos or achievements. But both of them are real - something sincere that you have created by listening to your own heart. I feel like people are losing themselves to fake existing parameters and there are few of us who live to the fullest. It has its pros and cons like everything, but je ne regrette rien.


I love spending time in nature - I could say it is part of my religion. I feel that the little miracles and disasters nature creates resemble me in many ways - I do the same while creating my own. Eventually both of them help me grow. ​ I still feel like a little child who gets excited about rainbows, thunder, snow and other beautiful moments that my eyes can catch.


I enjoy challenging my limits. It makes me feel alive. "Impossible is just an opinion" - Paulo Coelho. I can't just sit back and relax doing nothing. It's not in my nature. When I don't act, I do music, when I don't do music, I dance, when I don't dance, I go hiking etc. That's how I relax - being creative and not feeling stressed about it!

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